Cytosport Cytomax 4.5 pound Nutrition

Cytosport Cytomax 4.5 pound

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Provides sustained energy and electrolytes. Patented Alpha-L-PolyLactate: Minimizes post-exercise

  • Provides sustained energy and electrolytes
  • Patented Alpha-L-PolyLactate: Minimizes post-exercise muscle soreness
  • Complex carbohydrates: Stabilize blood sugar during exercise with no sugar "crash"
  • Drink 15-30 minutes before training: For quick, effective hydration, acid buffering and optimum levels of performance
  • Use Cytomax Performance Drink continually during exercise (32 fl-oz./hour: Ensure proper hydration/electrolyte replenishment
  • Continue using Cytomax Performance Drink immediately post training: Ensure glycogen restoration, electrolyte balance and to reduce post exercise cramping
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